Doris som äger Chooseyou ger tillbaka till samhället på många olika sätt. Hon ställer upp med sin tid och jobbar som volontär i flera föreningar. Sen erbjuder hon en del av vinsten till just dessa föreningar.

Vad kan vi veta om företaget?
En kort presentation kommer här:

Chooseyou is handmade jewelry made of silver 925 with a design that comes from life experience and feelings from within and they are made by love.

You will also find jewelry made by different fabrics together with silver 925 details.

I have also started a fundraiser for an organization that takes care of the homeless people (värmestugan), you will find the "love bracelets" under "bacis bracelets" in different sizes.
By buying this you will first of all help people not going hungry and alone, aswell as you help the organisation to stay alive so they can continue to provide people in need a heartful place to come to.
The name of the organisation is "värmestugan" and you can find them most active at facebook.